Special Delivery Technical info

SPECIAL DELIVERY is a 20 min show for families which is designed for outdoor and non-theatre indoor settings. It can be performed as part of 3 walkabout sessions throughout the day with at least 45 min reset time between shows.
SPECIAL DELIVERY is a highly flexible show and appeals to both adults and children. It has no spoken language and is performed to a soundtrack of silent film music, operated from the bicycle.
  • The staging is contained within an old-fashioned bicycle with packages attached 2mw x 70cm deep

  • The show requires a playing area of approx. 4mw x 3mdeep (mostly for safety and sightlines)

  • The semi-circular playing area is defined at the beginning of the performance by the postman with a rope

  • The postman arrives by bicycle at the beginning of the show and leaves on it at the end. There is no preset in place

  • A flat area, sheltered from high winds, is required. This can be either grass, hard-standing or indoor flooring. However, it is worth noting that a bubble machine is used in the performance which may leave slight residue on fragile indoor floors.

  • The show is performed from one side of the bicycle, so siting it against a wall, hedge, tree or similar is ideal

  • The show has no power requirements

  • Music is played from a rechargeable battery-operated speaker. We require access to recharging points between shows for this also.

  • The show does not involve spoken language

  • The show can comfortably perform to audiences of 100-150

  • The show is operated and performed by one performer.

  • We require a dressing and reset area for the postman and bicycle between shows. This needs to be accessible with a laden bicycle.

  • We require 1 steward during the show to ensure that small children don’t run into the performing area-especially during the bubble machine section. If this can’t be provided we will need to bring an additional person to ensure safety.

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