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th bewonderment machine

The Bewonderment Machine Tech info

The Bewonderment Machine is an artist-made carousel which can seat up to 10 children between 2 and 6 years. It is cycle-powered with the energy of parents, the children themselves, and one performer. The machine moves at a steady pace, and each ride lasts for approx. 3 minutes. During the ride, the next 10 children are measured up to see which animal they will become a part of – this can include elements of costume. The music of the carousel is also human-powered.

We will perform 3 sets of 45 mins in a usual day, however for multiple day bookings this can be negotiated to include an evening session also.

  • We require van access to the site for unloading and strike

  • The carousel is a structure with a diameter of 4.5 m, with 3.5 m height.

  • We require a dedicated flat space of 15x15m approx.

  • The carousel is ideally sitedin an open space with visibility from all around

  • We require stewarding for the carousel between sets, and overnight security.

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